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VRS8 Audio Interface from Slate Digital

King of the Audio Interface!

· Slate Digital THAI
"Our Client prefer VRS8 sound than Prism Audio Interface costing 3 times more than VRS8"

“I've heard almost every A/D coverter and hands down the VRS is the cleanest as is the monitoring section. I'd put it up with the Mother Ship...”

Rob RucciaChief Engineer - Uptown Recording

“Amazing! Clarity like you wouldn't believe.”

Simon NakraOwner & Founder - Studio Neo

“Best sounding interface, works flawlessly. pro tools 2018 and Mojave”

Sean MartzOwner & Sound Engineer - Karma Studios

“The vrs8 really is amazing compared to what I have used before... I am starting to think; what the heck have I been doing? ”

Kim ChristiansenGuitarist - Rebel Gel

“When I first learned of the VRS8 I immediately saw it as something I could use. So many well thought out solutions to digital recording dilemmas would be a dream come true. I recorded through my own VRS8 today. Buffer size was 32. Clear headphone sound and a focused tight bottom end. I waited almost two years and I can't imagine a happier experience. Definitely will get another one. Problem free unlike my last interface that was great at the time. I went from an Antelope Orion Studio to the VRS8. Thanks Slate guys!”

Bob HiltzVRS8 user

“I've got the VRS8 mic bundle with quality drums and cymbals and a decent room ( more on the dead side ) but have had fantastic results. I do the tracking at home and send everything out to the clients. I've never had to mix anything down but all I hear back from engineers is how good the drums sound. All the thanks to the Steven Slate team for the VRS8 package  ”

Charles W. VasquezVRS8 user

“Absolutely in love with the @slatedigital VRS8 and ML2s. Working their magic on the kit today and sounding incredible. A huge selection of virtual mics and pres and tracking through them with zero latency. Witchcraft. Easily the best gear I've ever invested in.”

Chris HollisVRS8 user

“The ML-1 through the VRS8 pre, complimented by the Everything Bundle is blowing my mind. I haven't had so much fun singing in years. It's really stunning... It's great fun to record with the options and it sounds incredible. ”

Ross HancockVRS8 user

“This interface blows them all away in terms of sound quality... Both the A/D and D/A sound incredible, notably better than anything I've ever heard... The VRS8 actually delivers. ”

Josh BentonProducer/Engineer/Touring Guitarist

“VRS8 installed and tested. It sounds and performs just as I'd hoped... Who wants to come record with the state of the art in mic modeling technology? ”

Brian StecklerComposer & Producer

“First off, I love tracking with my VRS8 natively. I can run what I need with super low latency, even at 128 buffer size... The VRS8 preamps are amazing. If you're an owner of the VMS you know exactly what I'm talking about. They are so clean, and have an amazingly low noise floor. Paired with the ML-1 and ML-2's, this system is a recording freak. I've recording everything from drums, DI guitars and bass, vocals, kempers, real amps, and on one occasion, a trumpet, all through this little beast. The beauty of swapping preamps and mic models is hard to put in words. I love using one physical mic to get the sound of two perfectly in phase mics on guitar cabs. It's a pretty gnarly feature.

The AD/DA is second to none. This is actually the first thing I noticed when I plugged in my VRS8, and it's been the greatest triumph since day one. I'm monitoring through a pair of Barefoot Footprints, and to my ears, the difference between the Apollo and the VRS8 is clear. I remember closing my eyes and listening to a few records with a [s#!t]-eating grin.”

Shah CarrolProducer & Musician

“I finally got my VRS8 last week, after over a years wait, and the sound I'm now hearing is amazing. The separation and detail is incredible... can't wait to start doing some recording!”

James HartleyVRS8 user

“Yesterday it was the first time for me to use the VRS8 and ML-1 and ML-2 mics on a live show and damn the results were fantastic. As soon as I heard the FG-401 on drums and the FG-116 on vocals, I was blown away. There were no latency issues at all, even with tons of plugins and almost the highest buffer size that my laptop could use. If any of you do live sound, then you really should consider this stuff. It sounds way better than any console / piece of gear I've ever used on a show before.”

Robert Alexandru MoisucSound Engineer, In-House Technician, Technical Consultant & Stage Manager - Hot Vox

“Got the vrs8 plugged into the thunderbolt port on the Apollo 16mkII, connected the word clock cable, made an aggregate device and all is running stable in Logic. Too easy. Stoked.”

Eric HillAudio Engineer/Guitarist

“Got mine! I was going to wait a few weeks to post, but 3 days in and I'm too impressed/caffeinated to wait.

I got 2 VRS 8s with 5 ML-2s, for a total of 7 ML-2s. Early days, but I'm totally impressed already. First off, the weight and feel of the interfaces is reassuring. Playback through the DACs is really nice. I swear I can hear the WIMA caps (I've had so many pieces of kit modded with these capacitors and they have a sound). Firm and resolved and bold. Compared to the Avocet 2A Dac (Cranesong Solaris) its a bit more mid forward and not quite as dynamically resolved, but really very good. Maybe a bit more texture than the Solaris. Better than the washy Symphony DAC. I would trust it for mixing much more than the Symphony. I also think once the interface is used for 50 hrs or so the texture might change. My experience with capacitors et all is they change sonically for the better with burn in. But these are already great, they just smell new when you turn them on.

I quickly commenced drum recording, and I am totally impressed. I have a small 8x8 whisper room that I record in (Brooklyn loft apartment), and its a bright room. Then I used my brightest cymbals to see what kind of harshness I could conjure (I am not a harsh player though mind you). Flicking through the mic models, the bright ones are bright but still sound smooth. And with the ability to change preamp models (London I'm looking at you) its pretty incredible. Also I will probably have to use 50% less eq which is also amazing.

I think the ML-2s and ML-1 (I have 1 of those too) sound best with the VRS (which makes sense). It seems like the converters/pres etc were all optimized for this system. When I was trying the ML-2/ML-1 with my Symphony it was a bit less transient and more undefined. With the VRS interface they seem faster and more overtone rich, and they just have more resolution. The different mic models sound more different from one another, which I wasn't expecting. Like they actually change my mood. Getting the -10 to -12 peak really makes a difference as well.

Symphony will be going up for sale soon. I'm not sure about mic pres yet, haven't done the AB test. But I'm at the point in my life where I just want recording to be simple and sound great and not have to trouble shoot when a tube goes out etc. That was my plan with buying this system. Also it all fits in a 2ru case that I can carry on a plane. And the software will just get better and better. Pretty awesome.”

thermosVRS8 user